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Amphibians t-shirt

This t-shirt it the outcome of great collaboration with Gil Wizen and Zohar Yanai, expressing Israel’s amazing diversity of amphibians. But for how long? On the back of the t-shirt you can see Discoglossus nigriventer, an endemic amphibian to the Hula Valley in Israel, already extinct in the 1950’.
Who will be next? Two of the species are considered to be Critically Endangered, two Endangered, one Vulnerable, and only one, the frog, is out of the red list, for now (data taken from the red book of Vertebrate in Israel, Dolev & Perevolotsky, 2002).
100% cotton, on white t-shirts only.

The pictures were taken by Gil Wizen and the toad by Liron Goren.

60.00 ILSPrice:
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